You Can Compost Adidas’s Newest Shoe In Your Sink

Slide: 1 / of 7. Caption: Caption: Adidas’s newest shoe is the Futurecraft Biofabric. Its upper is made from biofabricated spider silk.Adidas

Slide: 2 / of 7. Caption: Caption: The faux spider silk comes from AMSilk, a German biotech company. Like real spider silk, it boasts more tensile strength than traditional polymers. It also requires no fossil fuels to produce.Adidas

Slide: 3 / of 7. Caption: Caption: the Futurecraft Biofabric looks a lot like a modern athletic shoe—albeit one Midas lightly touched. The open-knit upper has a golden sheen, and it connects to Adidas’s trademark Boost sole. Adidas

Slide: 4 / of 7. Caption: Caption: Adidas says the shoe is 15 percent lighter than one made from traditional polymersAdidas

Slide: 5 / of 7. Caption: Caption: AMSilk creates that Biosteel textile by injecting genetically modified silk proteins into bacteria, and then fermenting it. That process creates a powder substrate, which AMSilk spins into yarn. That becomes Biosteel. Adidas

Slide: 6 / of 7. Caption: Caption: AMSilk also created an enzyme solution that would let users dissolve their own shoes at home, in the sink. It comes in a little packet, mixes with water, and needs only a few hours.Adidas


Slide: 7 / of 7. Caption: Caption: This is Adidas’s next step towards sustainability—a shoe that can dissolve and rinse (safely) right down the sink.Adidas